A Facebook Ad

While I was waiting for the subway I saw an ad flashing onto the kiosk that tells you which trains are arriving when.

It said:




And in the corner there was the blue Facebook “f.”

I was a long distance away, so I had to strain to read the smaller writing under the big block letters, which said something about how Facebook was working to end clickbait. There was another ad that said something like “DATA MISUSE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND,” with the same pattern: Facebook “f” in the corner, some smaller apologetic text right underneath the block letters.

Without the text, these looked like anti-Facebook ads, warnings. “CLICKBAIT/DATA MISUSE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND (you will be exposed to it on facebook).”

They had accidentally made an ad that was more true from a distance than up close. Filtering noise is often the most valuable way to discern the truth.


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