A Bad Thinkpiece I Read in a Dream This Morning

In a dream that I was ending as I woke up this morning, I read a thinkpiece saying John McCain was really responsible for all the things being blamed on Trump, in particular a Republican anti-Trump insurrection (wish that were more of a reality.)

I remember thinking, “that’s pretty dumb and doesn’t seem accurate,” but let’s hear out the case that the editorial writers were making in my dream. Here is their argument:


The Republican Backlash Isn’t a Reaction To Trump, It’s a Reaction to Senator John McCain

It’s easy to see the turmoil in politics as a product of Donald Trump’s presidency, but people who think they are reacting to Trump are really reacting to Senator John McCain, who is behind the scenes the most divisive figure in the Republican party.

McCain has a reputation as a bipartisan figure who gets things done and is a statesmen. But he shows up only to mend bills. Republican leaders who do all the hard work resent him for not pulling any of the weight or doing any of the hard work to wrangle votes, and he secretly has a reputation for being one of the most useless Senators.

The divisions within the party are an expression of these long-held resentments at McCain, and they are using Trump as an excuse, but people who understand politics know the real target.