Daily Fiction 19: Ambulance Care

Daily Fiction 19:

Tommy put out his cigarette as the ambulance neared the top of the ramp, and rolled up the window. Marie downed her shitty coffee.

“There they are right there” he said. “And you got HurriCare right over there.”

“Yup,” said Marie. “Let’s get the patient.”

Tommy opened the back doors and grabbed the stretcher, while Marie took the bag and the laptop and threw them on top of it. They wheeled their way inside, and Marie looked back toward the lot.

“Looks good” she said.

“Hit em up” said Tommy.

She keyed the nextel in her pocket as they made it through the first set of sliding doors.


Caitlin’s knees hurt from crouching in the tiny ambulance stairway. Her ankles and her ass hurt too. Her shoulders hurt from holding onto the door handles.

As soon as Thomas slammed the door she got up and stretched.

“Goddamn,” she said. “How come I have to be the one to crouch in the stairway”

“Because my lazy ass is not in good enough shape to do it,” said Danny. “Pays not to exercise.”

Caitlin’s Nextel chirped.

“That’s go” she said.

“Fine,” said Danny. He took another look out the window, then crawled around to the front and left out the driver door. Caitlin followed him. They walked over to the CareTight bus and he tried the first key on his chain. Nothing happened. He tried the second and it was a match. They climbed in.

“Alright,” said Caitlin. “Let’s steal some shit.”


The call had been an EDP. The nurses were laughing when they got inside.

“Ourand,” said Thomas. “Joseph”

The nurses looked at each other and laughed again.

“Oh, we got Ourand. Ourand right over there.”

“Why are we here today?” said Marie.

“Ourand hit Mr. Lemonick with the foot of his wheelchair.”

“The foot? Ah, that’s just an accident.”

“No, it’s not no accident” said the nurse “He broke it off and hit the man over the head with it.”

“HurriCare got your man,” said the CNA. She looked them down the hall with her eyebrows. HurriCare was loading…

[to be continued]


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