Three Quick Encounters in the Park

I like to exercise in Prospect Park, not doing anything formal but just walking around, finding hills to run up and logs and stones to carry, lift, and throw. I just do what feels natural, and I enjoy my time, and feel good afterwards.

It also involves wandering through the park, from place to place, discovering what elements there are to play with or work with, however you want to see it.

There are fields and woods in the park, and within the woods there are some small trails off the main roads, and some of these go into clearings or little hills. The little hills are usually bald or at least not densely wooded. They are usually unoccupied, although there are often signs that people have been there.

Today, I was walking up one of those trails when I saw a man pacing around at the top of the hill. I turned around and went down another little trail, and passed a man sitting in a chair. As I continued down the hill, I saw a third man walking up a trail from one of the paths. I took a different trail down than the one he was taking up.

At every encounter, we passed each other without comment or eye contact, but calmly, so that it seemed acknowledged that we did not need to acknowledge each other. It looked to me like those three were up to something, working as a team. But who knows. Who needs to know?


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