A New Place, a New Time

I visited my grandparents today in what is now their fully furnished apartment. I had been there before they moved in, at night when the apartment was empty. I saw that there was a lot of space, and that there were a lot of windows. Today I visited them in the daytime; all the furniture was moved in, and the daylight was shining in. I was amazed at how much it looked like their old home in Texas; how quickly the associations came back, and how much a glance at the home conjured some of the same effects. They’re in a corner apartment on the fifth story of a unit of an assisted care facility in Washington, D.C.; their old home was a one-story house surrounded by a grass and live oaks at the corner of two streets in Austin, Texas. It’s strange seeing a piece of one place spliced into new surroundings; it’s surreal, comforting, and exciting.


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