An Exploding Bottle

Today a bottle exploded in my room. There was a loud pop, a high pitched whine and ringing sound, and the crinkling of glass. There was beer all over the floor, and glass lots of places. One big shard was stuck in the ceiling.

The bottle was a 40 oz bottle of Budweiser that I had gotten as a birthday gift from a friend. We were outside in a park, there were a lot of different things to drink, and I don’t drink much anyway, so I ended up only having some of it and resealing it. It was on the floor, exposed to the sun, for about a week, and the pressure must have built up too high.

I haven’t fully dealt with it, yet. There is still glass a lot of places. But I have other things to do. One thing I fear most from disasters is the derailment of my other plans.


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